Wealth Pattern Series

Welcome to this foundational series.

The ideas and insights in this series serve as the core for everything we do and everything we'd want to share with you.

We’re going to take you on a journey through a new paradigm of how to think about money.

This shift in thinking results in money entering your accounts faster than you can blink.

You’re either going to deeply resonate with The Wealth Pattern, or at some point you will feel a need to bolt back to "safety", back to the comfortable world of financial uncertainty you’re familiar with.

Either outcome is sure to happen.

There’ll be no middle ground.

We hope you choose to stay. There’s a big payoff for you if you do.

To give you some direction, this first email will give you a broad overview of what you can expect as we systematically unpack what we call The Wealth Pattern.

The Wealth Pattern is a principles-based framework that will give you a new lens to help you see, think and feel about money the way the wealthy do.

Between everyone on the Wad Street team, we have nearly 100 years of experience and wisdom in wealth building and digital instruction.

We are going to share our highest leverage thinking with you in this series.

Building Wealth In The Old World

No matter how "innovative" the money gurus' techniques may seem, all we could find was a broken blueprint of the "financial experts" being repeated over and over:

"Go to college..." THEY said.

“Get a good paying job...” they said.

“Work hard and save money...” they said.

“Invest all your hard earned money 401K's and IRAs..." they said.

"And if things pan out you'll be able to retire at 70, barely get by on social security and work as a part-time department store greeter to cover your bills...” they said.

(bleh) 😝

It's strange how they "conveniently" leave out the parts about job scarcity, layoffs, recessions and GLOBAL PANDEMICS.

Sounds like a raw deal -- don't you agree?

LISTEN: When we began our financial education journey more than 7 years ago, "they" had a lot of things to say.

And if you've ever ventured down the "get rich" rabbit hole, you've heard all those things, too.

(Hint: Some of that “advice" is probably in your newsfeed right now.)

It wasn't until AFTER we shifted focus away from the "financial experts", did we finally discover the blueprint to wealth and unlimited passive income.

We discovered this by studying ACTUAL WEALTHY PEOPLE (simple right?)

SO after seven years of studying the wealthy, all of the financial experts' prevailing "wisdom" soon became completely obsolete.

PROOF: The wealthy 1% continue getting wealthier, no matter the economic climate.

Meanwhile the other 99% (who follow the financial experts) suffer whenever an economic collapse comes along.

What do the wealthy know (and do) that the poor and "middle class" don't?

(We'll tell you right now)

Building Wealth In The Modern World

Instead of listening to the money gurus, "financial advisors", and the broke guy next door, you can study and learn directly from the wealthy themselves...

You can draw upon their knowledge, wisdom and experiences and apply those to your own life.

The way they think is not a result of them having money and wealth.

We've discovered it's the other way around.

They have money and wealth because of the way they think -- because they live the Wealth Pattern.

When people in the ordinary world desire to build wealth, they are met with a ton of myths, misconceptions and blatant lies about how to do so:

  • you need a lot of money to become wealthy
  • you don't have enough time to become wealthy
  • they're wealthy because their talented or lucky (or both)
  • they're wealthy because they're greedy or evil, etc.

NOW let’s look at an alternative reality …

Let's look at building wealth from the perspective of The Wealth Pattern: what the wealthy actually do and how they think.

And through this lens, we get an entirely different point of view of how wealth is built -- A point of view that is never taught in public, usually hidden in books, and seldom advised by the "financial gurus."

When we begin to learn The Wealth Pattern, something magical happens.

This series will present you with insights to begin your TRUE journey seeing and thinking about money the way the wealthy do...

And when you do, everything you see will be different. Everything.

Suggestion: Re-read this series many times. Each time you do you’ll likely find a new insight hiding in the shadows that you previously missed because you weren’t ready to find it.


Your attention is the only currency required. There’s nothing to buy at the end of this series. Our focus is on building your Money IQ.

We win because you win first. We got your back.

The next step is for you to take.

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