The Fatter Wads Framework:

The pain-free money growth system

Manage and rapidly grow your savings in 90 days without disrupting your current lifestyle.

To be specific, The Fatter Wads Framework makes it incredibly easy to:

  • manage your finances
  • pile up more cash
  • position yourself to invest
  • multiply your money in the future

The 7-Day, Volume 1 Guarantee:

If you’re not blown away with Fatter Wads Framework after completing Volume 1, we require you to ask for your money back. Refund requests must be made within the first 7 days of purchase -- this gives you a chance to check out the course and get started with the training material without any fear of losing your money.


$200 Guarantee:

If you don’t save $200 in your first 90 days, you qualify for a full refund. There’s only ONE condition: Show us you actually did the work (and completed the worksheets), and we’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund.

This is what the course covers:

Volume 1: Understand Your Money

Goal: Gain a strong and firm understanding of your money, and money in general.

You'll have a snapshot of your financial situation and understand how the Fatter Wads system will work to elevate your financial situation to higher, and higher heights.

The Complete Formula to Wealth

The best way to get rich is through hard work and dedication. The only thing you need in your life is a solid plan and the power to execute it.This is that plan!

Build Wealth from Scratch

This truly is a one-size-fits-all framework. The process of building wealth is the same for both low, mid and high income. It all starts with understanding how the Fatter Wads Framework works for each income bracket.

Terms & Concepts (Simplified)

We will show you how money (really) works. It's actually pretty simple, but there are many terms & concepts that need to be demystified first. This chapter has you covered.

EZ Money Management Tools

If you want to make a lot of money, the first thing you need is a financial plan. But how do you create one? It’s simple with our goal setting process & EZ Money Management Tools.



Goal: Walk through the process of activating your Wads System with step-by-step instructions, thorough explanations and plenty of examples.

Future-Proof Your Wads

Quit worrying about money and savings for the future or living paycheck to paycheck. This chapter teaches you how to put the key concepts of the Fatter Wads Framework to work for you.

Epic Money Mistakes

Learn from our personal money failures as well as the wealthy’s. This chapter goes in-depth on the most massive financial mistakes to avoid if you want your wads to fatten.

Protect Your Wads From Loss

There’s a million ways for money to slip out of your hands. Learn the biggest methods and how The Fatter Wads Framework prevents loss from occurring.

Fatten (& Multiply)  Your Wads

We cover the three main paths to multiplying your money, and how to prepare for these investment options.



Goal: Learn how to push your Fatter Wads system to the max to get the most out of your time, money and energy.

This volume also teaches money moves for the future that you should begin building on NOW.

Minimizing Risks

No longer let investment risks terrify you. Investing doesn’t have to keep you up at night. By setting a plan and making smart decisions, you can feel confident about the future of your investments!

Retire Sooner

Unravel all the myths of retirement, the illusion of 9-5 security, and the mysteries of designing your dream future.

Saving Money The Pain-Free Way

Here are 50+ practical ways to save money, plus a few of our favorite tactics to keep as much money in your pocket as possible — without disrupting your current lifestyle.


The best way to master money is to take advantage of these secrets. The sooner you learn the harder it will be for you to fail.

This is what you'll get:


  • Lifetime access to The Fatter Wads Framework online course, a proven step-by-step process for better understanding and managing your money.
  • Wealth Pattern Cheat Sheets to make it painless to implement the framework into your finances.


  • 3 framework examples for low, mid, and high-income levels
  • Lifetime access to all updates and revisions of The Fatter Wads Framework
  • The Camel Back Method (Credit Restoration)
  • Secured CD Loan Hack (Credit Restoration)
  • Debt Elimination - Snowball  Method + Tracker
  • Money Mentor Cheat Sheet: Where to find them, how to get them to mentor you

The Fatter Wads Framework is expected to cost $199 for lifetime access for all course materials and all future updates.

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