The Wealth Pattern

5 Simple Mental Shifts That Will Make You Insanely Wealthy

Jesse Young El
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NOTE: This post is part of a series.
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Why They Are Rich (And why you are not)
do that first.

Before we get into the actual strategies used by the wealthy, you must make a few mental shifts.

You must move from the things you currently believe about money.

To understand why the wealthy live so well, you must retrace their footsteps.

You must uncover what the wealthy have done and what they know.

There are hundreds of secrets possessed by the wealthy.

We’ve handpicked five important ones that you need to understand, remember, and exploit.

These secrets are:

1. The Wealthy commit to Mastering Money

2. The Wealthy recognize and reject anything related to the Poor Pattern

3. The Wealthy’s willpower is stronger than yours

4. The wealthy have the secret strategies to Mastering Money – and you don’t

5. (~~REDACTED~~)

That’s it — five things.

Don’t let the simplicity of these five secrets fool you.

You may BELIEVE you understand what these five mean.

But this is absolutely not the case.

Trust us.

Remember these five secrets and you’ll be good-to-go.

As we move forward we address every one of these five secrets.

One-by-one you’ll begin to see more, why they are rich.

And you’ll begin to understand why you are NOT rich – and how to to change this fact.

It doesn’t need to be any more complicated.



Huh? What’s that?

Oh yeah … that’s right.

I only listed four points above, with the fifth “redacted.”


The thing is … point #5 is FAR TOO POWERFUL for me to tell everyone in this series.

Far too powerful.

Maybe I’ll tell you later. I dunno yet.

Lemme think about it.










Question for ya:

Did you feel a strange feeling to WANT to know what that fifth point was?

How did it make you feel?

Were you feeling a bit anxious?



Even angry?

Here’s the kicker:

There was no point #5; nothing was redacted.
I was demonstrating an effect on you.

The third secret, “The Wealthy’s willpower is stronger than yours” deals with this little trick we played.

Willpower has everything to do with controlling your emotions.

And not letting them cloud your judgment.


Old fisherman with a money bait on the end of his freelishing

The reason most are poor and “middle class” is because it’s so easy for them to fall for the “dangling carrot” routine.

Advertisers play this trick on the poor and “middle class” ALL THE TIME.

It’s downright saddening.

Advertisers know that 99% of the population has weakened willpower and lack emotional control.

So they know all they have to do is dangle something shiny in front of the poor and at-risk --

--they tug on the emotions of the poor and at-risk -- and voila -- the sale is made!

And every time it works, the poor and “middle class” end up spending valuable money on stuff that could have contributed to their wealth, rather than their lack of wealth…


Let’s not sleep on these five secrets and assume you understand them…

(we mean four) 😉

Secret #1: The Wealthy commit to Mastering Money

This secret is vital and transformative in the minds of the poor and “middle class”.

(yes. These guys / gals again...)

At some point, all these people made a conscious choice to master money.

For clarity, mastering money doesn’t mean only getting money.

Mastering money means:

- getting money

- keeping money

- multiplying that money and

- repeating this cycle over and over again


It also means having a strong enough will and desire to overcome the obstacles standing in their way.

These people of great means refuse to stand on the sideline.

They refuse to watch others live such spectacular lives.

They aren’t satisfied with only being a hard worker.

Being talented.

Being very educated.

All while being Poor or so-called “Middle Class”…


Side note about the term “MIDDLE CLASS”:

At Wad Street™ we prefer NOT to use the term “Middle Class”.

We call them the “At-Risk” because they are At-risk of becoming poor...

If you disagree, ask yourself, “who was standing in the long unemployment line when COVID-19 hit?”

The poor AND those at risk of becoming poor, the so-called “Middle Class”.

For many, this may seem like a tough pill to swallow – that’s because IT IS a tough pill the swallow.

But it is the truth.


Unlike the Poor and the At-Risk, the wealthy set out to Master Money

To Get money. Keep money. Multiply that money. And Repeat the process.

That’s Mastering Money in a nutshell.

But as you may suspect, mastering money gets much deeper than this.

It involves much more.

We’re only scratching the surface so you can grasp the concept of mastering money.

Now let’s go deeper.

This is the crucial part - so listen close.

We drop some jewels in the next chapter.