The Wealth Pattern

Making Money Your Slave

Jesse Young El
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Yes we said it!

You can put these dead presidents to work in YOUR "fields" and “slave” night and day for YOU.


Kanye West asking "How Sway?!"

The same way the wealthy do...

Let’s ask Jay-Z:

Check out a few of his lyrics from his hit single "The Story of O.J.":

"I bought some artwork for one million
Two years later, that s*** worth two million
Few years later, that s*** worth eight million
I can’t wait to give this s*** to my children"

In these four lines, Jay-Z demonstrates the simple art of making money his slave.

Instead of performing manual labor to earn 8 million dollars, Jay-Z puts his money to work for him.

According to his lyrics, he invested $2 million into art.

The art grew in value year after year after year – without Jay-Z lifting a finger.

After a few years, the value of his artwork rose at a considerable rate.

His 2 million dollars multiplied 4 times, over.

I turned that two to a four, four to an eight -- Jay Z

Imagine what it’ll be worth in 10 or 20 years!




Instead of performing manual labor to earn money, the wealthy put their money to work.

In other words, they put their money into investments, businesses, and assets.

These assets slave to make more money for their masters -- 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year.

Over the years, the values of these assets grow at a considerable rate.

All without any heavy labor from the wealthy investor – the Master.



SO, quick Recap...

Take these guys:

Dead presidents on money

Make them your slaves.

They'll work tirelessly to make you more of these:

A fat wad of money

The formula is THAT simple...


Anyone shifting from poverty to wealth has to learn this aspect of wealth.

They have to make the gradual switch and flip the game on its head.

More and more, they’ll begin to put those dead presidents out in the fields to slave for them.

And they’ll transition away from going out to the fields to slave for the money.

Ever wondered if there was something more that made them wealthy?

Something more than their talents, education, or ideas?

THIS is it.

They’ve committed to mastering money…

To making money THEIR slave and not the other way around.


The strategies to Mastering Money are all too great to unpack here.

Over time, we will teach all the strategies to you if you desire.

The key here is knowing one of the main reasons why they are rich and you are not.

At the core, it is because they have committed to Mastering Money and you have not.

We’ve only scratched the surface here.

So let’s do a quick recap.

Remember the four secrets of the wealthy discussed in an earlier chapter:

  1. The Wealthy commit to Mastering Money
  2. The Wealthy recognize and reject anything related to the Poor Pattern
  3. The Wealthy’s will power is stronger than yours
  4. The wealthy have the secret strategies to Mastering Money – and you don’t . . . .

You see the secrets above?

Secrets 2 - 4 are not something we can easily detail here in this series.

It’s a ton of concepts to unpack!

This stuff is THAT dense–

– simple, but dense.

And these are just four of the hundreds of secrets (large and small) the wealthy use to build wealth.

We’ve mentioned many things throughout these past chapters to have your mind racing.

The goal was to “reframe” some of your reality, about how you think about wealth—

— to reframe how to approach building wealth for the long term.

– to give you some perspective of how money works in reality and why the wealthy are just that – wealthy.

We’ve sprinkled many gems within what you’ve learned here.

Absorb, and re-absorb this a few times and let everything we’ve said, sink in.

We're here to help.

We got your back!

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