The Wealth Pattern

Secret #1: Mastering Money

Jesse Young El
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When we say the wealthy master money, we mean they literally make themselves the Master over Money…

Listen closely:

To the wealthy, building wealth is a matter of the Master VS the Slave.

(Left) Jamie Foxx as a Master of Money (on a horse). (Right) Jamie Foxx as a Slave to Money...

A key reason why they are rich and you are not is that they make Money their slave instead of being a Slave to money.

The Wealthiest people make the practice of being the Master over money a part of their daily lives.

It’s a part of their internal mantra.

When it comes to Mastering Money, YOUR desire and aim should be to become the master over your money.

This is more than owning your money like a slaveholder owns his slave.

This is about having complete control over your money.

To pull that off, you must be smarter than money.

You must be faster.


And you must be sharper.

It is all about You VS your Money.

The smarter of the two will dominate and be the Master over the other.

This is key!

So ask yourself.

Who’s the master?


But there’s a massive case of irony here too.

One that gives anyone who commits to mastering money a huge advantage.

Let's take this concept of Mastering money to another level...




Return to the $1 Bill.

In addition, there's also the $2 bill, $20 bill and the $100 bill.

On them are presidents – dead presidents.

According to historians - everyone of these dead presidents was a slave owner.

$1 Bill: George Washington reportedly owned an estimated 317 slaves.

$2 Bill: Thomas Jefferson owned more than 600 slaves throughout his adult life.

$20 Bill: Andrew Jackson owned approximately 200 slaves.

$100 Bills: Benjamin Franklin reportedly owned 7 slaves.


So imagine for a moment that these bills represent slave owners.

They were Masters over their slaves.



According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury:

United States currency paper is composed of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen.

SO, the same cotton that your ancestors picked as slaves, makes up 75% of the material in American cash.


What does this have to do with the wealthy?

Rather the 99% believe it or not, they are slaves to Money.

No matter their nationality.

The 99% put themselves into involuntary symbolic and psychological servitude to Money.

The reason this is ironic is that in modern times, you have the unique opportunity to flip the script.

To change the game.

You can completely reverse this Master / Slave relationship with money.

You can make this guy,

George Washington

and this guy,

Thomas Jefferson

and this guy,

Andrew Jackson

and this guy,

Benjamin Franklin

YOUR  "slave".



You can put them to “work” in your "symbolic fields."



There they can “slave” night and day for YOU.



How you ask?



Let’s answer “how” in the next chapter…