The Wealth Pattern

Secret #2: The Wealthy's Willpower

Jesse Young El
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This is Olympic gold medalist, Oscar Figueroa.

This brother's willpower is through the roof!

Imagine what it takes for him to lift 2X, 3X, or even 4X his own bodyweight?

What physical strength does this take?

And even more so, what mental strength does this take?

In 2016 Summer Olympics, Oscar lifted 5.14 times his body weight!!

That's incredible!



Take a second and watch the video clip below.

It's a clip of Oscar in the 2016 Olympics when he won the gold medal.

It will help you better grasp the magnitude of what we're saying (and what we'll show you a little later on).

Watch the clip and come back and keep reading.

(We'll wait...)



Look at the determination and mental strength he has to possess to be great at what he does.

Each time he attempts a goal, a ton is required of him (pun intended).

The bigger the goal, the more power, discipline, and resources required.

The more power, discipline, and resources required – the more doubt and fear you’ll have to overcome.

The more doubt and fear you’ll have to overcome – the more willpower you will need to exhibit.


Money and wealth are no different.

Your willpower has to be stronger than any emotion or obstacle encountered.

Here at Wad Street™ there is something we call The Money Trap.

The 1% is completely aware of the Money Trap and how to avoid it.

To avoid the money trap is to avoid the trap of being a slave to Money.

They avoid this trap at all costs.

This isn’t about being greedy or in love with money.

It’s about maintaining control of emotions that arise because of money.

These chief emotions are Fear and Desire.

It’s about WILLPOWER.

And when it comes to the wealthy’s willpower, it is stronger than yours.


The wealthy aren’t equipped with some superhuman money-making powers. (Although it may seem that way).

They’re simply experienced and knowledgeable at recognizing fear and desire

– Especially when these emotions pose a threat to their success.

And they use their ever-growing willpower to overcome these emotions.

This is how they continue moving in the Wealth Pattern.

The two emotions to be overcome the most: Fear and Desire.

And the wealthy have fear and desire on a leash!

On the other hand, the Poor and At-Risk fall victim to fear and desire all the time.

Here's the good news:

Willpower is something we all build up.

Those who exercise their willpower most often, strengthen their willpower.

Just as someone who works out at the gym regularly is going to be stronger than someone who goes twice a year.

So all you have to do is to begin building your willpower.

Next chapter, we hit these two head on.



  1. If you haven't already, watch the amazing clip of Oscar at the 2016 Olympics!

    - Even if you're not a weightlifting sports fan and you'll find this completely astounding!
  2. Take a piece of paper (or digital note) and draw a line in the middle from top to bottom.
  3. On the left side, write down all the fears you could imagine that ran through his mind before he lifted the bar.

    - Leave space between each fear (you'll need that space later)
  4. On the right side, write down all the desires you think he had to resist in order to get to the Olympics.
  5. Think about all the things he had to say "no" or "not now" to throughout his journey to the Olympics.

    - Also leave space between each desire (you'll need that space later)

    - Keep this piece of paper for the next chapter.