The Wealth Pattern

Willpower: The Secret Oath of the wealthy

Jesse Young El
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NOTE: This post is part of a series.
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This is the last chapter of this series on Willpower – so let’s go out with a bang…

The principle we’re referring to falls directly under the “KEEP MONEY” arena of our entire wealth framework.

This principle is a secret oath.


A secret oath.

An oath that all wealthy people have made at some point in their life.

This oath has made them fortunes.

But relax, don’t get spooked.

It’s not some Illuminati blood oath or anything corny like that.

It’s not as scary as you may think.

When the wealthy honor this oath, it brings them wealth beyond measure.

Before I tell you the secret I must warn you -

Do not ignore this due to the simplicity of what you are about to hear.

The truth is always easy to say and hear but proves to be much more difficult when it’s time to act on it.

This one single secret alone will add zeros and commas to your net worth - without a doubt.

But when broken, it can send the wealthiest person back to poverty faster than you could imagine.

And so, the secret oath is this:

The wealthy take a secret oath to ALWAYS get paid off the top




You see.

We told you.

This wasn’t some sick, creepy oath.

It’s simple.

Yet it’s life-altering.

This is a simple promise that every wealthy person has made to themselves.

It’s not a grand loud announcement

It’s a personal commitment.

Any person desiring wealth looks in the mirror and makes this promise to themselves.

They write it in their goals.

They post it on their wall.

They raise their right hand, and swear to themselves:

“I will, from this point on, get paid off the top”.

This is vital.

You yourself will have to raise your right hand and make this oath yourself

But wait!

Before you make the oath to yourself, you must understand what getting paid off the top truly is.

You must understand why it is one of the core principles for why they are rich and you are not.

Many people will take this oath without understanding what it really means. And they’ll end up violating the oath by the time payday comes around – if not sooner.

They’ll never put it to work for them.

They’ll talk the talk but never walk the walk.

And so the rich will continue getting richer, and the poor will remain stagnant or get poorer.

The meaning of this oath:

Over the centuries this oath has been explained many ways, but the core principle has remained the same.

"A part of all you earn is yours to keep"

"Pay Yourself First"

"Feed your safe..."

They all instruct you to do the same thing -- get paid off the top -- make sure you keep a portion of your income BEFORE you pay anyone else.

For most, this may seem to be an IMPOSSIBLE feat -- bills, debt, and the necessities of life stack up so fast, it appears there's no money left to keep -- we understand.

But the truth it, without getting paid off the top, it is IMPOSSIBLE to build any form of wealth.

This is where building up willpower is vital.

If you find it impossible to pay yourself first, your FEARS and DESIRES need to be checked -- they are likely greater than your desire for wealth.

If you can commit to mastering the basic money rules, you will be part of what we call the NEW MONEY ELITE.

For those who are truly ready for this, a new light has sparked inside of you.

The NEW MONEY ELITE is the group who:

  • Learns and masters financial lessons not taught in school
  • Creates a security blanket for their posterity with assets and passive income
  • Knows what financial mistakes not to make - Has the financial resources to buy whatever their heart desires
  • Builds unlimited cash flow
  • Travels throughout the world – at will
  • Buys the finest jewels and wears the most precious metals – at will
  • Buys elaborate homes with spectacular fixings, decorations, and moldings – if so desired
  • Enjoys the most magnificent entertainment money can buy – if they choose to -
  • Eats the tastiest foods the world has to offer -
  • and much, much more.

Being one of the New Money Elite means you too will be on your way to becoming a master of money – to becoming wealthy.

Extremely wealthy...

If you’re sincerely fed up with your money situation, and you’re ready to begin mastering money the way the wealthy and the New Money Elite  do, your new financial journey can start now…

…first by simply implementing the principle of Getting Paid off the top




“Getting Paid off the top” is not something we can easily detail here in this single chapter.

(Matter of fact it too can be an entire course of its own)

What we’ve said here in this series is really the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t get hung up with the details. At least not yet.

We will go deeper soon.

We’ve mentioned many things throughout these past chapters that should have your mind racing.

Your thoughts should now be shifting in a more beneficial direction.

As we’ve said before, the goal was to “reframe” some of your reality, about what you think about wealth.

To adjust how you approach building wealth for the long term.

To give you some perspective on how money really works.

Absorb and “re-absorb” this a few times and let everything we’ve said, sink in.